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{ Our Trading System } + { Darwinex Risk Management } = FFV


Introduces an innovative systematic alternative investment solution
to invest in Forex, Index and Commodity CFDs. Buy an investment asset from only 200 $ / € / £.

High Return

Our trading system can generate a significant return on investment over the medium to long term based on past performances. Our average return on your investment will be between 15%–30% per annum prevailing market conditions.

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Solid Trading System

We use a unique trading system based on a proven and efficient algorithm developed in-house. For the trade management, money & risk management the algorithm can do all these perfectly. Moreover, this algorithm is set into a VPS server in order to maintain all it's activities very effectively without any interruption.

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Strong Regulation

The investment asset FFV is operated under a FinTech company Darwinex is the trading name of Tradeslide Trading Tech LTD, a broker and asset manager authorized, supervised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, with FRN 586466.

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Segregated Funds

Client monies are segregated from company monies means funds in a segregated account are not mixed with company funds, which insures you in the hypothetical event of the company's insolvency.

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Fund Protection

Your investment currently protects you from insolvency of the broker / bank with a compensation of up to £85,000 per person. In addition, company provides free insurance for FSCS eligible clients that extends their total coverage to £500,000.

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HWM Fees System

In order to align the incentives between us and investors, the performance fees are only charged according to the profits that FFV generates for the investors. We receive 20% of the profits it has generated, calculated quarterly on a reference level known as the high-water mark (HWM).

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FFV is a synthetic financial asset that is provided by Monira Investment and managed by Darwinex. Simply we can say, the Darwin FFV is the combination of our trading system (named as FlexibleFX) and Darwinex's risk management engine. Darwinex manages the risk of your investments in FFV independently of our trading system, thereby insulating you from the DARWIN providers individual risk profile and delivering you a monthly maximum target VaR (95%) of 6.5%.


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