How to Invest in FFV

Invest, stay relax and see the solid growth of your portfolio.

In order to invest in FlexibleFX strategy (Darwin name FFV), you will need to register with our partner broker Darwinex. Please follow the steps detailed below:


Sign up as a INVESTOR with a username, email and password.
For Sign up page click here.

Darwinex Investor Signup


Click on "Create a live investor account"
and fill in your personal details.

Darwinex Investor Signup


Upload copy of
(1) Identification Document - (***Passport / Driving Licence / NID) and
(2) a Proof of Residence Document - (***Utility Bill / Bank Statement)
via your Darwinex profile page.

Once your Darwinex account is approved
you will be asked to complete a “Solvency” questionnaire.

Upload Documents


(1) Click on your "Wallet" icon.
(2) Click on "Add Fund" button.
There are several deposit methods such as Bank wire, Card payment, Skrill, Paypal etc. Depending on the payment method after a certain period of time your fund will be available on your wallet.

As soon as you fund available on your wallet, do (1) again.
(3) Click on "Investor Accounts" tab.
(4) Click on "New live investment portfolio."
Set a portfolio name, portfolio amount and open your live portfolio.

Add Fund & Open Portfolio


(1) Go to our darwin (FFV) page
(2) Click on "Trade" button.
(3) Buy our darwin FFV with your desired amount

Buy Darwin FFV