Investment Product (FFV)

Trading safely and responsibly, minimizing risk at all times.


FlexibleFX (Darwinex's Darwin name is FFV) is a professional & solid swing trading system specially built for fund managers/hedge fund managers. This is a combination of manual & automated trading system. Long trend catching and range condition surviving is its primary goal. In the long term, this system can generate very stable profit by the virtue of its risk management policy and extraordinary reward gaining ability. Whatever the widening spread, flash crash, execution speed, the system wouldn’t be affected by its performance.

Trade Operation - By the analysis of technical and fundamental (mostly technical), trade is initiated manually and after that, the rest of the operations such as best price hunting, maximum trend catching etc are done by an automated process. Exit operation is decided manually but all positions are closed at a time by the help of EA. This system mainly follows the 4H time frame. Also Daily & weekly chart sometimes consider for the better picture.

Risk Management - We strictly follow our risk management & money management policy as well as follow our trading rules & discipline perfectly. We never ever use any kind of risky strategy such as martingale, grid etc. In order to gain high profitability with minimizing risk, we use only 2-2.5% risk per trading session. Three kinds of risk management layers are used in this system. (1) Manually setup into the EA, (2) Hard equity stop by the EA, (3) Darwinex's own risk management engine. Our Trade Manager & Risk Manager (EA) is set into a VPS server in order to maintain all it's activities very effectively without any interruption.

Darwinex Risk Management Engine